Coined in the year 1984, Zeochem Anticorr is the prime manufacturer and supplier of the best quality Industrial Corrosion Proof & Anti-corrosive products such as Furan Resin Mortar, Epoxy Mortar, Vinyl Ester Mortar, Mastic Compound, CNSL Resin Mortar, Sodium Silicate Mortar and Polyester Mortar in India. We also have products that not only offer excellent protection to the applied substrate but also eye-catching in appearance with beautiful shades such as Epoxy Floors Coating, Epoxy Self-Level and Epoxy Screed, Glass Flake Filled Lining, Glass Flake Filled Self-Level and Glass Cloth Reinforced Flooring products. We also offer high quality & effective waterproofing products like Roofseal & Roofseal of insulative type etc. Apart from this we offer reliable services related to Corrosion Proof in India like structural repair with epoxy, glass flake filled coating, red mandana lining, acid proof mastic lining services, carbon brick lining services and P.U. flooring services.

With our incredible products and services we make certain that we offer complete satisfactionto the customers by permanently solving their corrosion, weathering, leakage related issues that are bothersome for Industries. Moreover, with our comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience in this area, we have been successful in making a good position in the domestic as well as international market. Our products & services are also very affordable. We are the leading, products related to chemical proof exporterof India and export them to the nations such as South Africa, Oman, U.A.E, Canada, Malaysia etc.


We aim to stand far ahead of our competitors by offering cutting-edge technology based & ground-breaking products and services that are reliably effective and perpetual.


To offer enduringly relieving solutions from the corrosion & seepage related issues in the industries and commercial places by comprehending on the specific requirements of the customers.

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